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Ignite Your Child's Creative Minds From Age 1+!

HK Smart Design Award 2020 winner 

The Mom's Choice Awards - Gold Award for 2020.
-TACTBIT Electronic Cubes

We are delighted and very proud to announce we have been awarded the “Silver Award” of HKSDA 2020 and the Mom's Choice Awards - Gold Award for 2020.

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The Mom's Choice Awards - Gold Award



Tactbit Cubes are building blocks that ignite your child’s imagination with the spirit of invention!


They snap together, light up, record sounds, play music, roll on wheels & rise up high.    

Tactbit Cubes make building easy. They're perfect for preschool explorers and for kids who like building quick and big.


Loaded with snappy magnets, they're irresistible. We've seen full-grown adults sneak them as fidget snappers!


Each Cube contains two LED lights. Left on their own, the cubes are translucent. Snap on the Power Cube and your creation lights up. Twist the Power Cube and your masterpiece changes color.     


Make it high, make it low, make it wheel, make it twist and light up, make it talk, and sing. The imagination is boundless. The light-up action and unique STEAM blocks add discovery and critical thinking to fun play!   


Engineered for Safety


Each cube is constructed with a nickel-plated frame, has no sharp edges and is uncrushable. Tactbit cubes are compliant with toy safety standards.

Fun STEAM Cubes


Tactbit Cubes have two fun extensions: The wheel cube and the recorder cube. With your Kickstarter support, we are developing trigger-based sensor cubes that will complete the electronic circuit. 



Even the youngest scientists can develop STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art & math) with Tactbit!

Build through magnetic forces. Experiment with light and sound. Discover electronics while having fun!

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